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B9Creator vs. SolidScape

The SolidScape has a slight edge in accuracy ( thier 25.4 micron vs our 30 micron), but we trump them on every other front. The big differences will be up front cost, operating cost, maintenance costs, speed, and print durability.


The up-front cost of the SolidScape in the U.S. is over $24,000 and Solidscapes are well-known for being expensive to maintain and operate. We have converted many jewelers from the SolidScape to the B9 due to the maintenance and the operating costs of the SolidScape.


The Solidscape also has a much bigger build area but is very slow. Orienting models vertically to take advantage of the build area adds more to print time, but you can run a B9 3-4 times in the time you run one print on the Solidscape. 


-A local jewelry firm asked to run a build on their solidscape vs our in-house B9, their machine took 38 hours to build the same set of rings that we built in under 4 hours. They could not tell the difference in detail or surface finish between our models and theirs. Their CEO commented on the results saying, “I’m just the CEO not a jeweler, but I’m pretty sure 4 is better than 38." 


Lastly, when it comes to durability, the prints from a solidscape are not as durable as B9 resin prints.

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