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Upgrade to the B9 Core Series 3D printer.
Tired of calibrations and recoating vats?

We love the B9Creator, It's where we started from and now we're here- all thanks to customers like you. So when we built the B9 Core Series, we delivered a machine designed with you in mind.

Experience a new level of speed, simplicity, and value with the B9 Core Series.

  • New user interface with wifi connectivity

  • Zero Calibration

  • LED HD Light Engine

  • Patent-pending cloudless DuraVat- guaranteed 600 prints or a year​

Print high-resolution designs in minutes for your clients to try on, make instant revisions, and start production sooner.

                                         4x                                        0

                              FASTER THAN                                                            CALIBRATIONS

                           INDUSTRY AVERAGE

                                      600                                      45

                              PRINT DURAVAT                                                         MINUTES/RING


Do  you have questions?

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Finance your B9 Core Series

$0 Down & No Full Payments for 6 Months

View financing options >>

"We are extremely happy with the B9 Core Series machine and had it running in 10 minutes. I love the fact that they don't need any calibration, and the biggest bonus was the success of the casting. Every jeweler knows how difficult and important it is to cast smooth pieces, which means less cleanup, less polishing, less time at the bench."

Gregg Burgard

Rio Grande Jewelry Tech Team

"I did the design, print, cast, and set for a $15,000 job in less than 24 hours with the B9 Core 550. Plus I'm saving 6 hours a week on recoating alone and over 27 hours in print time. Nothing can come close to what the B9 Core Series can do.”

Frank Kapplow

Custom Jeweler, Manufacturer

Owned 4 B9Creators, Upgraded to B9 Core 550

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