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Complete In-House Jewelry Production

Need help with your jewelry production? Contact us today and work one-on-one with our professional team from design to finish.

We know how difficult it is to use multiple vendors to produce your jewelry. We can help by providing in-house A-Z custom and small batch manufacturing services.

Our Services

Computer Aided Design (CAD)


To ensure you are getting the best possible product, we only use plum alloys for casting in gold, platinum, and silver.



Red Door Distributions custom design

Work one on one with our designers to bring your ideas to life. Our designers have bench jewelry experience so your design will be production ready from the start. 


Odd shaped gemstone, family heirloom, or need a replica of an earring? Our 3D scanning can produce a scan in as little as 10 minutes and have a exact digital replica ready to manufacture in half the time as the traditional process. 


3D Printing

We only use the highest quality equipment to produce your jewelry, which is why we have the fastest high-resolution 3D printer on the market. Once your design is complete, we can have a physical model ready for you to approve in the same day.

3D Scanning


Diamonds & Gemstones

For your convenience we are able to provide all of the gemstones and diamonds needed to complete your piece. All grades are available for melee and center stones as well as GIA and EGL certified stones.

Pen PRO 01-09-2019.png

Setting & Finishing

All of your finished jewelry will be carefully inspected by our Master Jewelers. From our diamonds being set to maximize brilliance, to every crevice being polished, no piece leaves our facility without being quality checked multiple times in each stage of production.



"I received an email from Red Door Distributions offering their services and decided to give them a shot since I've had multiple issues with other casting houses. I'm glad I did, not only do I get my jobs done on time but their staff is amazing, the quality is amazing and my customers can't stop thanking me. I wish I would have found them sooner, but I'm glad I started using Red Door Distributions." -Hannah K. Designs By Hannah

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