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This is a visual breakdown of Red Door Distribution's burnout cycle for casting, developed by our CEO Fernando Cortes. Following these guidelines will ensure perfect casting results using B9Creations resins.

This is relative to the investment and alloy. We suggest contacting the manufacturer of your investment and alloy for recommendations on ramp rate, burnout, and which investments and alloys work well together.


Keep these helpful hints in mind when using the burnout cycle below:

- Start with a cold oven

-"Slow" is the key word. Ramping your oven up slowly is critical. ( 28F per minute)

(Ramp rate will also differ based on investment)

- Make sure your oven reaches 1400 degrees for 4 hours, this is the most important step in the process.


Please contact us for more information if you have specific questions regarding casting and our casting department will help you. To receive help with casting questions you must be a verified B9 user.


*Copyright Red Door Distributions

*These casting guidelines are recommendations by Red Door Distributions and have been found to give us the best results.

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