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B9Creator vs. Solus

Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages as with any piece of equipment. Here is the head to head comparison of the B9Creator and Solus. 


Our machine comes with a 1-year warranty which includes our projector and is also covered with a 1-year warranty

 for factory-assembled machines. The Solus comes with a 6-month warranty and you must supply your own projector. Also, to get the printer to work at peak speed and resolution, you need to modify the projector you buy for the Solus (which will void your warranty with the projector company) – check the fine print on their website.


Our machine is backed by a 3-year track record of results and a robust online community of jewelers around the world that print and cast with our resins everyday.


The B9Creator open source software is developed for our machines and includes free download of upgrades or updates as they are released. – the Solus utilizes 3rd party software that they do not control and is not specifically tailored to their machine. 


Our machine has the projector integrated into the machine which results in a larger machine but prevents the possibility of the project being bumped or moved accidentally.


The Solus uses a more expensive resin tank than we do. Their tank has a replaceable film for $10. Our resin tanks are $25 cheaper and use a coating that costs about $7 to replace.


Our machine offers adjustability from 30 micron resolution to 50 and 70 micron resolution, giving you a larger build area. You can adjust the projector on the Solus to increase the build area, but by doing so, the printing parameters will need to be configured to get successful prints. The B9 software automatically adjusts the printing parameters for you.

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