Introducing the B9Creator for Dentists

B9Creator Technology-


The B9Creator is a DLP (digital light processing)-based printer. DLP is a technology using liquid photopolymers cured by a conventional light source curing an entire layer of the model being printed. This technology allows for faster printing with higher resolution.

 Maximize Workflow


In Dentistry, the digital precision of the 

B9Creator eliminates manual modeling 

which speeds up the production stage. Dentistry and orthodontics are moving 

into the digital age with the adoption of 

CAD/CAM, this will improve the patient 

experience while achieving precision, 

creating faster turnaround, and 

enchancing workflow. 

Efficient and Affordable


The B9Creator v1.2 Dental makes speed and resolution previously reserved for machines costing tens of thousands of dollars, affordable and accessible for offices and laboratories of all sizes. 


The B9Creator v1.2 - Dental has been developed in partnership with dentists and dental laboratories. This new hardware, software, accessories, and materials tailor the precision and speed of the B9Creator to the unique demands of the dental industry.


Each B9Creator v1.2 - Dental is a CE-Certified, factory-calibrated version of the genuine B9Creator. The printer has been built to factory specifications, started, and tuned by technicians in our factory to produce fantastic prints right out of the box. Each machine comes with calibration settings documented and a final calibration print is included in the box for owner verification. The unit comes with extensive labeling of safety and operating concerns in accordance with CE requirements.

Assembled Dental
Dental Line Package
Dental Line Package Pro
Prepped teeth inside model

Prepped teeth inside model

interoral models

interoral models

Dental Model 1 Edited

Dental Model 1 Edited

Crown Print and Cast Crowns

Crown Print and Cast Crowns

Crown Mock up

Crown Mock up

CAD Mouth model

CAD Mouth model

If purchasing with B9R-5-Emerald resin, the machine will be factory set to 30 microns. 

If purchasing  with B9R-5-Dent Model resin, the machine will be factory set to 50 microns. 


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