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The Ultimate 3D Printing Solution

Enrich your customers' experience by shaving days off turnaround time. Printing 4x faster than industry average, the B9 Core Series allows users to complete jobs quickly and repeatedly. Free with this special offer, the B9 Model Cure will turn prints into ready-to-cast or end-use models in minutes. You can now design, print, cure and cast in the same day.

Streamline your workflow and grow your business with the industry leader in speed, simplicity, and value.

  • Unmatched precision, resolution, and surface finish

  • No calibrations and a seamless user interface

  • Patent-pending DuraVat guaranteed 600 prints or a year

  • Prints hundreds of models in a day with speeds topping 120+ mm/hr

  • WiFi, Ethernet, & USB connectivity

  • HD LED Light Engine

Use promo code B9CURE at checkout to receive your free Model Cure with your new B9 Core Series. 

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    FASTER THAN                     CALIBRATIONS


          600                  45




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Finance your B9 Core Series



$0 Down & No Full Payments for 6 Months

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"We are extremely happy with the B9 Core Series machine and had it running in 10 minutes. I love the fact that they don't need any calibration, and the biggest bonus was the success of the casting. Every jeweler knows how difficult and important it is to cast smooth pieces, which means less cleanup, less polishing, less time at the bench."

Gregg Burgard

Rio Grande Jewelry Tech Team

"I did the design, print, cast, and set for a $15,000 job in less than 24 hours with the B9 Core 550. Plus I'm saving 6 hours a week on recoating alone and over 27 hours in print time. Nothing can come close to what the B9 Core Series can do.”

Frank Kapplow

Custom Jeweler, Manufacturer

Owned 4 B9Creators, Upgraded to B9 Core 550

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