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**This item is on a temporary 2-week lead time. We apologize for any inconvenience.**

Acylic vats come pre-coated with PDMS and are good for 15-20 prints before a replacement is needed. To extend the life of your vat, you can order "PDMS re-coating" services.

Resin VAT

SKU: 002
  • All vats ship with a factory applied PDMS coating. Built-in pour spout makes transferring the resin cleaner and easier. Integrated "flow over" dam helps guarantee a consistent PDMS coating thickness. Construction utilizing tough, transparent material offers improved reliability & visibility of resin from any angle. The B9 Resin Vat is also backwards compatible with past versions of the B9Creator 3D Printer.

  • For all returns and refunds contact customer service at

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