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Available in two configurations, the B9 Core Series is a professional 3D printing solution designed to suit a multitude of applications including jewelry, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, industrial design and engineering, and more. The B9 Core Series printers can print at exceptional speeds without sacrificing print resolution and surface quality.

For custom productions, the B9 Core 530 has an average build speed ranging between 40-120+ mm per hour. For large-scale manufacturing, the B9 Core 550 comes with a larger build envelope and has average build speeds ranging between 25-100+ mm per hour for the full envelope. The exceptional speed of the B9 Core Series allows users to print hundreds of models in a typical 8-10 hour work day. Now you can design, print, and cast in the same day.

B9 Core Series 550

  • The B9 Core Series leverages B9Creations’ patented & patent-pending tehcnology with precision engineering to set a new standard for production speed.

    Powered by an industrial HD LED light engine, the B9 Core Series is
    4 times faster than the industry average with print speeds reaching 100+ mm per hour.

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