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Learn how to efficiently use your B9 Core Series or B9Creator and eliminate potential errors with step by step training from our B9 certified technicians. This training is designed to help you achieve the highest quality prints possible and implement a seamless process that will ensure the longveity or your printer.


Our training via Skype or at our facility, teaches how to calibrate your build table and projector (only applies to the B9Creator), how to support CAD models for printing depending on geometry, proper maintenance of your B9, and troubleshooting. Although we maintain a close relationship with our customers, 95% of B9 users who complete our customized training are extremely confident with the machine and rarely call us for help. We also feel that our Jewelry Specific Training gives users an edge with reducing the downtime of learning the machine and allowing them to immediately implement the B9 into the company's workflow.

B9 Core Series or B9Creator Training w/purchase from Red Door Dist.

SKU: 007
  • For our customers that purchase a B9Creator through Red Door Distributions, we are extending a special offer to you. In appreciation of you becoming part of the B9Creator and Red Door Distributions family, we have discounted our training 25% from $600 to $450. Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to meeting you.

  • Once purchased training can be cancelled up to point of scheduling. After scheduling training cannot be refunded. Please contact for more information.

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