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The Finishing Kit provides everything you need to successfully remove prints from the build table, remove supports from model, clean resin vats and more.


The finishing kit includes:

- Microfiber cloth

- Plastic scraper

- Pair of latex gloves

- Rubber Spatula

- 5 Print removal blades

- Clippers

- Tweezers

- Squeeze Bottle

- 10 Resin filters

- Funnel with fitted strainer 


The B9 Core Series has a temporary 8-week lead time between receipt of payment and machine shipment.  We anticipate filling your order faster than this. Until we gauge the initial demand, we want to ensure we do not over-promise and under-deliver. Our team at the factory is working hard to bring the B9 Core Series lead times down to our standard 2 business day lead time as soon as possible.

B9 Finishing Kit

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