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The CE-Certified, Assembled, Factory-Calibrated Version of the Genuine B9Creator arrives as a complete unit, ready to calibrate and print. The assembled version has been built to factory specifications, started, and tuned by technicians in our factory to produce fantastic prints right out of the box.  Each machine comes with the calibration settings documented and the final calibration print included in the box for owner verification.  The unit comes with extensive labeling of safety and operating concerns in accordance with CE requirements.

B9Creator v1.2- CE Certified

  • The B9Creator V1.2 CE is designed for use in office environments, classrooms, or other applications where adequate ventilation may not exist or strict odor control is desired.  Side-port  accepts 1 1/2 inch hose.

    The included Front Shield prevents access to the projector, focus/calibration settings, and electronics yet can easily be installed and removed without tools. 

    The B9Creator CE combines CE certification and the capability to easily connect to a ventilation/odor control unit such as the BOFA 3D PrintPRO. 

    This package includes one kilogram of B9R-3-Emerald Casting resin as standard, with upgrades to B9R-2-Black Modeling / RTV Molding resin (add $50) or B9R-4-Yellow Premium Casting Resin (add $60) available at the Customer's option.  The package also includes, two pre-coated B9 Resin Vats, and a B9Creator Calibration Grid Set.

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